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Nova Visuals is een eenmanszaak gespecialiseerd in all-round design, fotografie en video
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Sylvia de Boer is een all-round designer gespecialiseerd in online design, Photoshop en illustrator. Maar ook voor drukwerk kunt u bij haar terecht.

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Ook voor fotografie kunt u bij Nova Visuals terecht. Van product fotografie tot portret.

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Op zoek naar een video editor met een vlotte muzikale montagestijl? Vraag naar de mogelijkheden

Momenteel word er nog hard gewerkt aan deze website. Ondertussen kunt u een kijkje nemen op Sylvia's persoonlijke portfolio website.

Over Sylvia

Visual Artist | Allround Designer | Photographer | Founder of Nova Visuals, Nova Minerals, Nova Elim
"Think outside the box so that the box doesn't exist."

My name is Sylvia de Boer and I am the founder and proud owner of Nova Visuals. I was born and raised in Amersfoort, the Netherlands where I am still located. I’m a very positive, creative, ambitious, intuitive, driven and determined person who loves life and loves to have fun.

Nova Visuals is a company specialized in creating visuals such as videos, photos, graphic designs and stage performances/video choreographies. Anything visual really!

“I have a knack for getting into people’s minds and turning their visions into reality.“

I let my intuition guide me and use my skills to create.

“I like to experiment, push bounderies, think outside the box, stand out and make something unique yet commercially effective.“

Because I’ve got a wide range of interests and absolutely love learning new skills, I have a very broad knowledge base. I use this to add deeper layers to my work. I’m very dedicated to everything I do. My dedication comes from my drive and ambition to learn and pass on knowledge and skill.

I pretty much find everything interesting and see potential everywhere. I think that’s the driving force behind me and my company.






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